Buy your dream home in Mira Road

A gist about Mira Road, its transformation and current scenario. Tips to people who are looking for a new home should consider Mira Road.

In Mumbai, finding a new home or creating one is like a dream coming true. It isn’t impossible. It is within your reach if you make the right choice. Today, there are enough of builders and consultants to guide you through the journey right from dreaming of a new house up to entering and living in there.

Two decades ago, the real estate prices of Mumbai properties began to increase which led the middle-class residences to shift to the suburb locations. The new locations included agricultural area like Virar, Vasai and Nalasopar but not Mira Road.

As the Gram Panchayat played a vital role, the construction groups faced difficulty in driving a large-scale development in the area. Looking at a small crowd in Mir road, a corporation was established down the line and communities were establishes which impelled to work on for a better tomorrow. Now Mira Road exhales as a commercial layer yet not losing its natural beauty and surrounding. There is no stress about the infrastructure development in Mira road; and so it is still beatified by vast salt pans and small constructions towards the east.

Because of its lower cost of living and connectivity to the city, Mira Road widely stands as an essential residential area for the locals. Thus the Mira Road-Bhayender Municipal Corporation aims more on residential development lesser on commercial development.

With the quick-growing demand houses and flats, developers in Mira road such as Ravi are planning and investing in upcoming and beneficial projects.

Mira Road is a revamping residential center booming in Mumbai’s Western Suburb. And anyone thinking about a new house or shifting from the old one should certainly consider this hub. The place is easily linked to various parts of Mumbai. After quick and serious initiatives, Mira Road is equipped with good facilities and services meant for the residential people for a better living. The developers in Mira Road offer benefits of nearby school, colleges, malls, eating outlets, bus stops, railway stations, etc, making every resident feel just at home. The place offers better superior standard of living and the economical housing facility.

Various real estate groups have made sure that local people get facilities such as electricity, water supply, hospitals, banks, etc. Desirous people are presented with a luxurious and stylish ‘dream come true’ house. The houses in Mira road are mostly eco-friendly created around green lands, with fresh air and sunlight. The middle-class citizens even have a choice to rent a house. Mira Road exclusive groups offer latest conveniences, beautiful residencies with parks, pools and entertainments. Its immediacy to Mumbai and commuting alternatives makes it one of the most preferred destinations in the western lines.

All this makes the Mira Road belt a privileged hub in western suburbs.

The transformation of Mira Road over the last decade is amazing! A glimpse of shedding its past to creating a more contemporary look. With a list of endless things, it is obvious that Mira Road tops the research records as the most preferred locations to make a home.

Source: Ravi Group Builders, Ravi Group Reviews, Ravi Group Gaurav Excellency


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