Buying House – How to go About it?

Good construction, the facilities and amenities on offer along with the construction time taken are things that one would like to know when he starts house hunting for his dream home. Buying a dream home is not that easy because each consumer would have a different perspective and would need something entirely different to be happy with his home. For some it could be a gym within the complex and for some it could be a temple. For the kids it could be a playground or entertainment facilities. How does one go about fulfilling all these demands that may or may not be present in the place you think is ideal. There are some developers like Ravi Group of Companies that have made it their mission to offer all these facilities at affordable rates to those who decide to make the suburbs their home.

They Ravi Group Projects are usually ones that offer more facility to the people whether it is in terms of offering value adds to the customer, or facility in payment terms etc. Their residential towers are built keeping in mind standard and quality that is accepted by people in India and also making sure that their offerings are on par with those being offered by other developers like Seith Group, RNA Corp, and Bhoomi Developers. To make sure that you have the best you need to keep in mind certain things.

Make a list of what kind of a house you would like Decide if you would like to have certain facilities without which you will not consider the project by the developers like Bhoomi, Ravi Group, Arihant, and others.

  • Look up the approximate rates offered in the locations you have decided upon first and then decide on the one you prefer.
  • What is it that you would consider to be the ideal location for the house, where would you want the entrance to be facing?
  • Check to make sure you have reviews of the developers you have decided upon to buy your property from.
  • Does it fit your budget and would you get any kind of facility in payment terms or loan facilities that are offered by developers like Ravi Group of companies with the banks that have approved the project.
  • Consider the time frame of construction and when will you be getting the possession of the house.
  • Will the developer provide you with an occupation certificate (OC) when you finally get the keys to that dream home or will that be after you start living in that house.
  • Make sure you know all the charges like registration, property taxes, maintenance rates that you will be charged after occupation.

If you get positive answers to all the questions above you may consider the property that answers if not all then most of them.

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Your Dream Of Owning A Home Is Now Possible in Mira Road

Article explaining an intro about mira road and real estate investments. Also, tips and advice to those aiming to buy a new home.

For those who wish to have a dream home, there is no greater happiness than owning a house in Mumbai. Though the real estate prices are rising daily but house seekers can talk to leading developers and builders. If you have to choose a well-established location, it could be Mira Road. Equipped with best of facilities and connectivity, this hub is going to be one of the most esteemed residential locations in the near future.

Years ago this place was no far away from a barren land. It was filled with salt pans and streams of water with few people living there. With the increase in population and migration, the government bodies realized the value of empty lands which later turned out to be huge towers and play parks. All thanks to Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) for converting this deserted area into a successful town.

Mira Road has become a primary popular destination in the city with developers and property groups investing in the real estates. If you are seeking a new home do your research well. Talk to agents; get to know the market scenario and also read about property reviews to analyze the future industry. Meanwhile, you could also visit Gaurav society to see a glimpse of a complete dream home. Based on this you can decide which type of house to buy and when is the right time to make investments.

Today Mira road has people of various castes, cultures and communities. This fact can create a comfort zone for the new comers. Also, the place is less populated, well-structured, nature-friendly and peaceful. The quick infrastructure progress has been the most important pull luring the crowd from all sections. It’s away from noise pollution and proves to be a quiet place for a dream home, thus offering a space for everybody.

To list a few facilities offered to the local people, Mira road is efficient with 24-hour electric power from Reliance and Tata, telecommunication facilities from providers like MTNL. You will find ample of water tankers there, providing the most primary need to its people. Builders and other bodies made sure to supply these facilities to the people. The development in Mira Road doubled with the establishment of municipal hospitals and educational centers. The new flyovers at Mira Road will facilitate to ease traffic. Even if the roads find trouble during monsoons the MBMC will take care of it.

The future development plans listed are quality properties, shopping mall, food joints, government aid centers, etc. Also plans are to set-up two more fire stations, sewage treatment, and advance storm-water drain plans and increase water supply. Offering simple connection to all ways towards the city, Mira road can easily reach you to Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai. And so because of its easy accessibility to Bhayandar and Thane, more and more people are flocking to this locality.

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