Home Buying Destinations in the Suburbs

Man has always wanted a place of his own, since he started living on this earth. Earlier they were caves that were chosen and then guarded from other herds. The factors that decided on the place to become his home were the vantage point, the way the caves were, and how much security did they offer from animals and other predators both the walking and the crawling. Several centuries later we still are on the lookout for the one place that calls to you and pulls your heartstrings. The places and the year may have changed but the factors still remain the same.

We look for security which is offered these days in the form of gated communities, security personnel manning the society gates, in place of vantage point we now have sky scrapers attempting to touch the sky, and as for predatory animals we now have them in cages at the zoo or the jungle. The idea of a house or something to call a home is like having house DNA wired in our genes. When we think of buying a house we often tend to look for a place first that according to us is the best area to be in. There are many destinations of course depending on where you live in the country. Since we are talking Mumbai let’s look at two upcoming areas in the suburbs that are good alternatives for the middle class or working class people to buy.

Two suburbs that stand out are Kandivali and Mira Road. These areas have developed in the recent years and aiding their development have been real estate moguls who have taken up various construction projects in these places such as Kanakia Builders, Seth Developers, Ravi Group, Rustomjee and more. Good infrastructure, reputed schools and colleges, places for entertainment such as shopping malls, theatres, and recreational areas and of course restaurants both the normal and upscale variety are some things you can look forward to in Kandivali and Mira Road. Seeking a house in either place would be a good decision with umpteen choices of homes available that suit the common man’s pocket.

You also have great offers such as an emi scheme to buy your house directly offered by the builders such as Gundecha Builders, Ravi Group and others. Not just this, these builders also offer various amenities like children’s play area, jogging track, good flooring in the house, security in the form of video door phones, clubs and gyms and a host of other amenities while being reasonable. Checking up on references for construction groups such as Ravi group reviews will help you decide on the best alternative for you.

Your home buying spree can start with checking various projects that are offered in these areas, looking up the price points and the amenities being offered and various reviews such as Ravi group reviews that are offered by people who have already bought homes for the builders and can help to clear any doubts you may have. Why wait when you can start hunting now!


A Promising Destination – Mira Road

Are you tired of the same kind of a travelling experience, running after trains to get to work on time and then rush back home to look after the kids and the house? Then it’s time to look for better options, or relocate to a much better area one that is flourishing and offering a lot of benefits to the people who stay in those areas. Probably one such area that you know but haven’t paid much attention to is Mira Road. This locality is a party of the new extended geographical limits of the island city Mumbai. You must be wondering what city limits have to do with the residential areas you are looking into. There are a number of advantages of being considered a part of the metropolitan city and not another district; Good reputed builders such as Ravi group builders have made this city a part of their luxury offering portfolios also.

To list down a few of the benefits of being within the island cities limits is no water shortage, no power cuts and of course all the benefits that a municipality provides to its wards and citizens. Mira road has emerged as a new destination for upscale residential properties within a budget. This area offers a lot of housing options right from a single room to a one bed room house to even a bungalow today. Mira road was a place that was a barren land up to a few years ago, because it was mostly marshy. Today the scenario has changed and it has become one of the areas that people from all places are flocking to. This place has developed and all this has been made possible by the joint efforts of the government authorities and developers like Lodha group, Ravi group developers, Bhakti Developers and others.

These developers have ushered in an era of new homes with amenities that people look for within reasonable budgets. Amenities such as gyms, fitness areas, jogging tracks, swimming pool, play schools, children’s play area, club and recreation areas and more. Not just this shopping malls theatres, good colleges and better connectivity through roads and railways. New flyovers, better connectivity to other parts of Mumbai district like Navi Mumbai and the central suburbs like Thane is also another advantage Mira Road offers to its residents.

Come, check, get to know your property builder such as ravi group developers through reviews, talking to various real estate agents and even visiting their properties to see if they offer what they say they will in their advertisements. Make a beeline for the property offerings for commercial, residential or even investment purposes that are now available at affordable rates, where several properties are even recognised by banks to offer loans if needed.

Mira Road: Dare to Dream

Mumbai is called the land of dreams, a land where people come to fulfil their wants and earn a living. A person has so many wants and desires and Mumbai has been the place to come to till date. So many dreams to fulfil yet owning a house in the city is at the top of the list along with having a good, secured and fulfilling life. Owning a home is one such dream that we can now fulfil. A house in the city is like announcing to the world that one has made it or achieved his goal. The city Mumbai doesn’t have as many options of affordable homes but its distant suburbs and extended city limits offer attractive options to many. Mira Road is one such destination that has emerged as an upcoming home destination today. There are a few reputed builders such as Kanakia Builders, Ravi

Mira Road offers you umpteen options when go looking for a home in the suburbs. A house that talks to you fulfils your dreams of an ideal home are available at prices that fit your budget. You can buy your own house at your convenience and there is something that fits every pocket. There are different real estate groups that offer value for money propositions and Ravi Group Gaurav is one such company offering affordable homes in Mira Road. Luxurious amenities, swimming pools, recreation facilities, security and upscale facilities are now a norm and expected by every new buyer. These facilities are always at a premium; however some real estate developers have offered the same in their properties at reasonable and affordable rates.

Mira Road, a land that was filled with salt pans and had almost been considered barren with few people who lived here. Increasing population has led to migration to distant suburbs to Mira Road. It has now become a hep and beautiful place to relocate to with good tower constructions and other amenities being offered in budget rates. Check out Ravi Group Gaurav Iconic, you may get to see your dream home come true. Depending on what you like you can decide on the kind of house you want and when you may like to buy it.

While looking for a house, there are some points one should keep in mind. One should think of the budget first, decide on the amenities you would like to have in your new home. Think of the distance from the area and your workplace. Once you have answers to the queries mentioned above then you can visit the area. There are a lot of well known builders such as Look for the house that has everything you desire and then negotiate on the price and check for all the terms and conditions including legal matters.

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Kandivali Reviews

Mumbai city and central suburbs are overcrowded because so many people are relocating to the city. This relocation has led to a drastic change in the way the city is being developed. This influx of people has necessitated the expansion of distant areas; developing barren lands making them comfort zones. One of the areas developed in such a fashion is Kandivali. Developers in Kandivali have developed and made this area into an uptown hub. Thirty years ago Kandivali was a semi urban area with more villages immersed into agriculture. Yet today Kandivali has come a long way from being a rural area to a developed real estate hub. Developers who have made this possible are many but a few examples are RNA Builders, Arihant Builders, Ravi Group who have made this transformation possible.

A variety of luxurious constructions, swish residential townships have come up in Kandivali because the demand for homes has increased. People who would like to buy a house can study various reviews such as Ravi Group Reviews offered by property consultants and even previous home buyers. Kandivali now offers home buyers a good location, affordable costs, urban chic lifestyle, the desired housing facilities and other conveniences like shopping malls, schools, colleges and entertainment hubs close by. Kandivali has witnessed an increase in land prices, while the businesses will grow only if the surroundings are good. If you are looking to buy a house here in Kandivali, then your budget would need to be at least 60 lakhs and more which would assure you of getting a good home in a fantastic locality.

The rates for homes and property investments could vary and start from seven thousand rupees to nine thousand per square feet. The rates that some property owners could quote could be different than the rates being offered according in the area. Living here in Kandivali will not be a strain on your life. If you are not looking for buying a property then you can also check for rental properties if you are looking for something extremely urban but at reasonable rates.

This suburb offers a host of facilities to new home buyers and even people looking for temporary places to live in. You are bound to find people from all walks of life and cultures making this a cosmopolitan area to live in today. Other facilities include close proximity to fine dining restaurants, entertainment areas, theatres, schools and colleges too. If you decide on Kandivali area then studying the various aspects of the locality is mandatory along with reviews such as Ravi Group reviews. Now is the time to look for information and act on it lest you miss out on something sensational.

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Kandivali – Queen of Distant Suburbs

You find yourself looking up property rates in every area you think would suit your needs. But what you find usually are price increases happening in the real estate market. Out in the hard to find property market there is one area that’s sure to catch your eye, is Kandivali. The booming real market, bigger and better roads, and new means of transport has given birth to recently developed suburbs as a home searching destination for a majority of parents and families recently. The housing sector has managed to provide an added boost to the new suburbia Kandivali; with major townships and residential towers being planned here. Developers in Mumbai-Kandivali like Gagan Developers, Veena developers; Ravi Group Builders and Hiranandani have made this city the center of their new construction activity.

This town has been a part of major improvement in its transport and infrastructure facilities. The open land accessible in Kandivali town has resulted in tremendous property development over the past twenty years. There are several choices offered for one to choose on from the various homes on the market from developers in Mumbai-Kandivali. Many well known developers in town like Ravi group Developers, Kanakia developers, Seth Builders and others have helped develop this city to achieve its promising potential to form a hospitable atmosphere for various communities any. This city has developed so quickly that it’s almost like making a wish list in a store and choosing the sort of house and site you’re checking out.

A Gujarati community dominated locality for many decades, it’s presently become a city that’s home to all or any communities in addition because the expatriates who live here in urban center. This place has different places of worship like temples in and around among the locality. Some builders even offer personal temples within the residential administrative district making it convenient for the people to worship and socialize in social programs. Kandivali offers access to various places like malls, schools, educational institutions in and around these residential properties, allowing the families and the children to mature in an exceedingly quiet and safe atmosphere.

Ravi Group Builders, Veena Developers, Bhoomi Builders, Seth developers etc are giving patrons varied options of houses to choose from 1BHK, 2BHK; 3BHK residences with additional facilities like playing areas, jogging tracks, gyms, swimming pools, parking zones and fitness facilities all inside the residential complexes they have designed. The concept is to create multi-utility townships so that folks will buy household goods and have access to everything else with walking distance of their homes.

Many developers such as Ravi group developers in city these days in addition also provide Vastu or Feng-shui compliant homes. This facility is along with eco friendly choices like waste material treatment or solar power or wind energy etc that are being added and offered to potential customers. In the long run this suburb will progress tremendously. Numerous recent and exciting recreational venues like multiplexes have come up in the neighbourhood which will surely reduce the commute to South Bombay for recreation. So wait no more and get cracking on your new home.

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